Teys Brothers – A Cargill Joint Venture – Leather Processing Plant (QLD)

Arris Water was approached by Teys Brothers to help solve their requirement for a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable way to provide additional treatment to their high SAR (sodium absorption ratio) wastewater resulting from the brine cure processing at their Murgon, QLD leather processing plant.

Arris Water was able to successfully test its trade secret natural media filters on the effluent and showed a significant reduction in the SAR. This reduction will enable the facility to meet its water quality targets for its recycled water irrigation program.

Arris Water is happy to announce that it has reached an agreement to design, build and monitor the operation of a treatment plant with a maximum daily hydraulic load of 150,000 litres. The Arris Water solution will be retro-fitted into the existing treatment system. Arris Water aims to have the SAR adjustment system operational by the end of June 2012. On commissioning, Arris Water will conduct a two year research project aimed at optimising the performance of the plant and achieving the highest possible reuse outcome for the treated water.

Arris Water is committed to bringing its innovative technical solutions for treating waste water streams that have high salinity and SAR to create ‘fit for purpose’ reuse water to clients in the urban, industrial and agricultural industries.

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