Agricultural Services

Arris Agricultural & Environmental team has extensive expertise in farming practises and advises across all areas of your farming enterprise. Our experience and knowledge stretches across a variety of fields including: broadacre/cereal farming, horticultural farming, viticulture, amenity horticulture (landscapes, parks, gardens, sport fields).

Our team of consultants utilise their expertise in these areas to offer clients a range of services, spanning from on-farm assessment and analysis to more involved research and development projects.

Services we offer

  • agronomy
  • crop feasibility
  • whole of farm operation assessment
  • environmental constraints: assessment and planning
  • farm management training
  • land capability assessments
  • remote sensing and GIS analysis
  • catchment management assessment
  • farm water balance and budgets
  • farm redevelopment plans
  • project management
  • recycled water assessments
    • water quality, treatment and ‘fit for purpose’ modelling
  • environmental licensing and compliance reporting
  • irrigation management
  • pest and disease management
  • recycled water and wastes
  • salinity and sodicity management
  • nutrients and pollutants assessment
  • land suitability/capability assessments
  • irrigation audits