Environmental Services

Arris has extensive experience in environmental risk assessment and can advise on management strategies that minimise any environmental impact. Our environmental services are used by a range of industries including production (agriculture, horticulture, viticulture), mining, industrial, recycled water and coal seam gas.

Fields we work in

  • agronomy (broadacre farming)
  • horticultural science (production and amenity)
  • environmental risk assessment and risk minimisation
  • site contamination assessment and remediation
  • environmental toxicology
  • soil quality assessment
  • recycled water
    • models for management of risks associated with water recycling projects
    • water recycling in terrestrial systems
    • ┬áregulatory environmental compliance and reporting
  • climate change
    • awareness and planning/adaption
    • greenhouse gas emissions abatement auditing
    • carbon miles
    • water footprint analysis
  • biosolids recycling
  • catchment management
  • stormwater management
  • fugacity modelling of hazards (pollutants) in water cycles (sewage catchments, STPs and irrigation)
  • chemical modelling of inorganic and organic hazards in aquatic and terrestrial systems
  • water balance modelling
  • water demand modelling

Specialist services we offer

  • land capability/suitability assessments
  • soil and water testing
  • statistical analysis, interpretation and graphical communication
  • remote sensing and GIS analysis
  • scientific and technical writing
  • project management