Alliance Partners

Based in New Zealand, AR & Associates is a high-end multidisciplinary surveying, civil and environmental engineering design consultancy, firmly founded on the core values of quality, respect, integrity and balance.

With a team of surveyors, civil and environmental engineers working under the same roof, they offer an integrated approach to ensure that the various facets of their work are coordinated to achieve sustainable, technically optimal and cost efficient solutions. Included in this approach is the integration of Water Sensitive Design (WSD) and Low Impact Design (LID) philosophies with the planning and engineering elements of a project. This unique approach delivers coherent, efficient and attractive results.

AR & Associates focus on clear communication and the delivery of high quality work that meets project timelines and budgets while achieving the best results for clients. The structure of their organisation enables them to keep overhead costs down while creating greater project ownership, improved quality and value for money.

For more than 40 years, Mazzei has developed solutions for water and wastewater issues in the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets, and for wineries they have their wine pump-over for macro aeration and their injectors to add liquid additives. Today Mazzei maintains its focus on research and development and is utilizing in-house computational fluid dynamics software to improve its mixing and contacting technologies and to develop Mazzei’s next generation of products and services


Rocdon Development is a leading Melbourne-based property developer that, since its inception over 30 years ago, has been progressing design and living standards across Australia. Seeing opportunities where others don’t and using creative solutions to turn challenges and constraints into achievements has defined Rocdon’s highly

regarded industry reputation. The company prides itself on bringing together specialists from diverse industry sectors to generate timeless built forms and grow market demand. Diverse projects, ranging from multi-residential and hospitality developments to commercial retail and land subdivisions, form part of an impressive portfolio valued in excess of $ 600 million.

VEK Environmental

VEK Environmental design, manufacture and service complete ozonation systems and is committed to leading the world in integrated ozone technology by promoting the awareness and understanding of ozone systems and their benefits. VEK Environmental carry an extensive inventory, and have a working knowledge of all the leading ozone systems currently used in the marketplace. They work with technical and engineering partners to design the best possible ozonation solutions, systems and services.

Visit the VEK Environmental website to find out more about their innovative technologies and designs to address complex water problems in oil and gas, frac and produced water treatment, municipal, pulp and paper, residential/cottage, agriculture, industrial, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, pool/spa, theme parks, hydroponics, aeration of industrial ponds, mine dewatering, oil sands/SAGD water solutions and food and beverage sterilization.



Aero-Tech Specialty Welding & Fabrication Ltd. was established in 1985 to meet the local demand for specialized welding.

Located in Northeast Calgary within blocks of Deerfoot Trail, we maintain a large staff at our 35,000-square-foot location. At present, we are a diverse manufacturing facility with three divisions. Our combined manufacturing portfolio includes water treatment tanks, oilfield equipment and tooling, structural building components, industrial equipment, architectural fixtures, guardrails and many other projects.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Emission Rx (ERx) are a leading equipment provider for emission mitigation technologies in the North American Oil and Gas industry. ERx provide high efficiency waste gas combustors (emission control devices) for use in the effective management of methane emissions. ERx was established in response to:

  • more aggressive industry regulations
  • need for cost-effective products that permit continued production of resources

Wastewater logoWastewater Systems

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd has over 20 years experience in the treatment of waste water, involved in the installation and servicing of domestic and commercial units throughout Australia. They specialise in the design and construction for EPA approval for a variety of applications. Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd has a team of technicians trained in maintaining most types of wastewater systems on the market with extensive experience both in domestic and commercial applications.  Working with Ballan Plumbing, a well-established plumbing business with a keen focus on on-site and decentralised water and wastewater solutions, Wastewater Systems are working toward introducing the Arris Rhizopod® into the Victorian market.

everGREEN wastewater


RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL wastewater treatment solution specialists.


everGREEN wastewater specialise in the installation and service maintenance of residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems in the greater south-east Queensland region. With over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of reliable and sustainable wastewater solutions, our focus is on quality, performance and long term dependable outcomes for our customers.

everGREEN wastewater offer a range of leading brand sewage treatment plants and components, repairs to existing septic tanks and trench systems, septic tank upgrades and service maintenance of all brands of sewage treatment plants.


Mousellis & Sons Pty Ltd

From plant hire to civil works, Mousellis and Sons Pty Ltd, a family owned and multi skilled organisation provide Arris with all the expertise and quality assistance required to complete projects in the construction, civil and plumbing industries in the Northern Territory of Australia. To learn more about the broad range of services offered by Mousellis and Sons, visit their website

Wastewater Clinic

Wastewater Clinic offer SA Health accredited service agents providing expert service and repairs to all brands of wastewater treatment systems. Services include water quality assessment, sludge and residue measurement, disinfection service, water quality assessment to full system checks with written system health reports and automatic Council compliance notification.

For more information on the full list of services offered by Wastewater Clinic, visit their website.


Hydroscape Pty Ltd

Hydroscape is Arris Water’s preferred plumbing contractor. It is a specialist design and plumbing company in the on-site and decentralised field. Tim Woods from Hydroscape has expert knowledge in passive low-energy systems and low-maintenance application areas. Hydroscape is also a leading supply agent for the domestic and commercial Fuji Clean units. Tim Woods and Ben Kele have undertaken a series of research projects in the on-site and decentralised field arena, as well as raising the industry profile by assisting on conference committees and organising training days. To find out more about Hydroscape Pty Ltd, visit their website

cquniversity   Central Queensland University

As a research focused company, Arris Water has a long term partnership with the CQUniversity’s Office of Research. Arris is an Industry Partner and sponsor of Post Graduate students at CQUniversity. Jim Kelly is an Adjunct Research Fellow at CQUniversity. This research group is committed to developing new and innovative solutions for the water, energy, and agricultural industries. To find out more about CQUniversity, visit their website at, or the Office of Research at

KRW Environmental Pty Ltd

Principal Ecologist Dr Kevin Wormington heads the team at KRW Environmental that provide expertise in environmental impact assessments for flora, fauna and freshwater ecology, offset evaluations in line with the Queensland Biodiversity Offset Policy and the Commonwealth EPBC Act Environmental Offsets Policy. As well as general assessments to determine impacts from activities in relation to the NC Act and EPBC Act and ecological monitoring of industrial sites, they also offer services such as property maps of assessable vegetation evaluations with field surveys to ground truth property vegetation. KRW Environmental also assess requirements for RE changes, assessments of impacts from activities in relation to the NC Act and EPBC Act and ecological monitoring of industrial sites.

Their research projects include mining rehabilitation monitoring for flora and fauna, conservation listed flora and fauna; and impacts from disturbances such as mining, grazing, forestry and industrial developments.

Livingstone Low Electrical

Livingstone Low Electrical is Arris Water’s preferred electrical contractor.



Gromeng is a privately owned Australian company specializing in the water industry.

Midell Water Pty Ltd

In 2013, Arris Pty Ltd merged with Midell Water Pty Ltd and the combined companies are known as Arris. The Arris Water section in Arris, offers all of the previous services provided by Midell Water, plus a wider range of skills and capabilities due to the increased resources.

Midell Water started trading in 2007 and specialised in the Decentralised and On-site water industry. The Midell Water merger with Arris has been highly successful, the combination of the two companies has strengthened the resources and the skills of both organisations and produced a superior entity.


Acacia Waste Management SolutionsAcacia Waste Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Acacia Waste Management Solutions Pty Ltd (AWMS) was founded by Dr Kartik Venkatraman to cater for waste management and planning requirements. Specialising in tailor-made solutions to waste and environmental issues, AWMS aims to mitigate these issues, enhance resource recovery and diversion of waste from landfill, through improved analysis, planning, technology and social awareness.

Dr Venkatraman’s academic qualifications coupled with over a decade of experience in managing waste and environment in Local Government sector provides a strong foundation in offering a broad spectrum of solutions to various waste and environmental issues.

In collaboration with Arris Water, AWMS offer their clients practical and cost-effective outcomes to waste and environmental issues.

Follow the link for more information about the services offered by AWMS.