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AgInsight South Australia portal

PIRSA’s newly released “AgInsight South Australia” web portal had a period of research and development to ensure that it was appropriately developed to meet the needs of the target users – local and overseas primary producers and processors and the investors and their advisers who research and develop growth options for primary industries.

It needed to provide both commodity data and insights, and a flexible mapping capacity to provide location specific information for investors.

After testing and confirming the capacity of local designers to meet the broad design needs of the project, PIRSA used Arris to help it undertake two key project development tasks. The first was to refine the scope and design issues of the portal with direct involvement of the key target users and to research the interstate and overseas comparable web based products and the lessons learned from those projects. This scoping work was to ensure that the portal met the real needs of its target users and that the SA project learnt lessons from similar projects undertaken elsewhere. The second task was to write the design specifications for the first development stage of the portal, ready for the external design procurement process.

Arris used its excellent industry contact network and specialist consultant expertise to undertake the scoping refinement work collaboratively with PIRSA in a tight timeframe. It then undertook the web portal design specification process again collaboratively with PIRSA within tight time constraints. PIRSA was then in a position to procure the web portal design services it needed and achieve stage one of the project on time.

SA Government news release:

AgInsight – helping SA capitalise on global demand. Investors from around the world can now check out South Australia’s agricultural land thanks to a brand new website.


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