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Annual website review

A flexible layout more easily accommodates portrait and landscape images.

Arris recently completed an annual review of a website we built for Water Sensitive SA.

We enjoyed the opportunity to revisit this project in order to create an even better experience for viewers as well as upgrade usability for the administrators.

Based on client feedback, we improved the way images display when illustrating design projects, Case Studies and blog posts as well as made updates to the interactive map.

The case studies page for example, showcases the initiatives of some of SA’s leading Councils, greening suburbs through innovative water sensitive urban design (WSUD). There were opportunities for images to be display in a much more engaging way as well as have the flexibility to accommodate different orientations. Now, without having to spend a lot of time constructing each page, it’s as simple as rearranging the order in which images appear to achieve a pleasing layout. Of course, the display is still responsive to fit the web browsing device.

Continual improvement of the user experience

We also took the opportunity to adjust the template we constructed for our clients e-newsletter. So now it’s much easier for the administrator to customise sections based on the content.

E-news layout variations of modules to allow various types of content

A policy of continual improvement of the user experience and regular updates to content encourages repeat visits to a website and fosters user participation.

Arris maintains a collaborative approach and fosters client input to ensure these optimal outcomes are met.

Water Sensitive SA aim to be the hub for water sensitive urban design (WSUD) activity and learning in South Australia. They provide value to practitioners/peers, Government institutions, development industry, corporations/organisations, researchers and the wider community.

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