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Arris solution meets the toughest criteria

March 25, 2015 / Agricultural & Environmental

Arris successfully developed a multi-barrier phosphorus and water management plan that meets some of Australia’s toughest environmental phosphorus discharge limits, all while providing the landowner with secondary benefits through nutrient and water recycling for landscaping.

Arris was engaged by EcoEcowater-Serviceswater Services to develop a wastewater management plan that would meet the stringent phosphorus disposal limits for onsite disposal of wastewater in the environmentally sensitive area of the Murray Shire, WA.  This area has some of the lowest phosphorus loading allowances for onsite wastewater dispersal, with a target of 0.28 kg P/ha/yr.

Our multi barrier design consisted of Stage 1 – Wastewater treatment must occur with a Fuji Clean CX 1500 Alternative Treatment Unit, which produces water with <1.3 mg P/L. Stage 2 – Turf irrigation with treated effluent, with turf cuttings captured and removed offsite to mitigate the potential for phosphorus accumulation in soil. The Final Stage  – Bio-drainage to capture any lateral flow of phosphorus to surface and groundwater through the planting of deep rooted trees around the boundary of the irrigated area.

The Arris solution not only met the brief of onsite wastewater dispersal but in turn created an added asset of water for irrigation.

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