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Domestic Ozone R&D

Arris to conduct research and development of domestic ozone generation.

Laundry detergents may contain a number of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment such as phosphorus, sodium, and benzophenone-2. When discharged as wastewater these chemicals can cause pollution and environmental harm in soils and waterways. Arris, through our ozone research and development program has identified that the NatureWash system provides a detergent-less method of cleaning clothes.

GuyWe are commencing an R&D trial that will establish how well the NatureWash system cleans clothes, the water quality of the discharge water, the cost effectiveness of the technique, and a carbon assessment. We plan to test the ozone laundry system versus the leading laundry powder and leading laundry liquid on a variety of commonly occurring stains on commonly worn clothing. As part of the research we will examine water quality parameters such as benzophenone-2 (harmful to corals), phosphorus (algae blooms), sodium (harmful to soils), COD & BOD (eutrophication risk), pH, total suspended solids, degradability, and disinfection by-products. We will also make an assessment in regards to septic-safe, soil-safe, and reef-safe.

A detergent-less method of cleaning clothes

We are excited about the trial because being able to go detergent-less enables the removal of pollutants from the laundry waste stream. In regards to sustainability, the 3 big R’s are reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing the amount of laundry detergents in wastewater has the potential to improve its water quality. This has wide ranging implications from the small scale such as on-site wastewater systems, to ecovillages, to larger cities.

We plan to enlist the technical services of LanFax Labs ( LanFax Labs is operated by Dr Robert A. Patterson FIEAust, CPSS, CPAg BNatRes(Hons1), PhD, GradCertEng, GradDipEng, MEng. LanFax Labs have collaborated with Choice ( and studied the wastewater quality of the major brands of laundry detergents in Australia.

We’ll be posting updates on the research on our blog/website/Facebook/Linked-In pages as well as preparing some research papers. If you’re interested in this trial please feel free to contact us.

Naturally clean and disinfect your clothes without leaving any chemical residue

NatureWash is a compact, ‘plug-and-play’ system that delivers dissolved ozone for disinfection and odor control in a residential laundry application. Ozone is commonly used in commercial laundries, along with a variety of water, wastewater and bottled water treatment throughout the world. NatureWash is an environmentally friendly device allowing you to generate dissolved ozonated water as your existing home laundry unit requires.

Using only a small amount of electricity, the NatureWash takes oxygen from the air and converts it into ozone (O3), a very powerful natural oxidizer. Once the ozone is injected into the water where it can naturally clean and disinfect your clothes without leaving any chemical residue.

Simple to install, simple to use

Once installed, the NatureWash System is ready to use. The front panel shows a green indicator light letting you know the unit is operating normally and in standby mode waiting for water to move through the system. When water flows through the system, the NatureWash will automatically sense this and turn on. The indicator light will then change from green to blue and the indicator window will become illuminated so the ozone bubbles can be observed in the water as it flows out.

IMG_20160320_083756866This compact ozone system includes diagnostic LED’s, a stainless steel ozone generator, and Mazzei venturi for efficient mass-transfer of ozone to water. The aluminium powder-coated enclosure also houses a water-flow switch to provide the on/off function of ozone generation, while a custom designed circuit board with micro-processor seamlessly integrates each component of the system.
This simple, yet sophisticated ozone system, is designed with quality materials specifically used for ozone applications.


  • Microbe reduction
  • Odour control
  • Compact design
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Ozone leaves no residual by-products
  • On site production of ozonated water
  • No containers to refill
  • No storage, mixing, or handling of chemicals
  • Simple wall-mount installation
  • Reduces chemical and hot water use
  • Environmentally friendly  – doesn’t leave any harmful by-products
  • Ozone is approved by the FDA & USDA for food contact

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