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‘Off-grid’ drinking water treatment technology trial

We recently ran trials of ‘off-grid’ drinking water treatment technology. Ozone has long been used in large scale municipal treatment plants and by major beverage and bottled water companies overseas. Because of its beneficial properties, new water treatment systems for the home or small to medium size business are incorporating ozone and we were asked to test one out by an Australian import company.

Firstly, we advertised for trial participants, wanting to find the worst possible drinking water. Not just rain tank water, but bore, lake and river water.
Water with a variety of contamination issues, with properties like overall bad taste, odour, colour, algae, dissolved iron and manganese, the lot!

Water filter before (L) and after (R) the Trial.

Trial participants, John and Nicky Henderson, run a number of businesses, including a rural retreat bed and breakfast, “We live in the Adelaide hills and rely on rainwater for our household needs” said Nicky, “We have a bore but wouldn’t dream of putting it through the house. We know the bore water is high in iron; the overflow from the concrete holding tank is rusty orange.”


Nicky Henderson with the ozone unit installed at her property in the Adelaide Hills.

“In December we ran out of rain water, saw an advert for the Arris water treatment trial and after water tests were taken, had the ozone system installed. We had the bore water connected to run through the ozone system, then filters, then into our house. We even drank the treated bore water!”

“Testing showed our bore water was high in iron (no surprise) and manganese. After two weeks’ trial the tests revealed a huge reduction in both these elements. For us to be able to use our bore water like this is huge,”  says Nicky Henderson.

Our trials were consistent with the results from the NSF Certification.

Arris can now offer a solution to anyone living ‘off the grid’ who are looking for superior quality water. Not just for drinking, but throughout the entire house.

The shower, your laundry – imagine, a stain free toilet and sink! Improve your quality of life, add value to your property… maybe better water might be better for you! It’s time for those who enjoy life ‘off the grid’ to also have superior water treatment technology. These systems are simple enough you could probably DIY!

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