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Rhizopod™ NT Government Department of Health approval


Arris Water are pleased to announce that we have achieved product approval from the Northern Territory Government Department of Health for our Rhizopod™  ‘no-release’ evapotranspiration system.

The Rhizopod™ system is used to disperse onsite and decentralised treated wastewater into the atmosphere. It can be configured to have a limited discharge to a subsurface land application area. It has been developed for use on difficult sites where soil types, setback distances, or available footprint has meant that other forms on water dispersal are not practical. Pretreatment is provided through a septic tank and/or secondary treatment system.

The number of Rhizopod™ channels required for a particular site is determined by the volume of effluent produced and the predicated evapotranspiration for each Rhizopod™ channel, determined by the local climate along with the plant type and size. The design capacity of the Rhizopod™ system is based upon water balance calculations for 3 climate zones utilising data from Darwin Airport, Katherine Airport and Alice Springs Airport. This represents the coastal, tropical inland and desert climatic conditions in the NT and allows comparison of design criteria for each region.

The standard calculation method was used to determine the evapotranspiration rate is a series of equations developed by Penman and Monteith for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.

In accordance with the Code of Practice for Onsite Wastewater Management, each site for the installation of the Rhizopod™ system is to be assessed by a Certifying Engineer (Hydraulic) or Certifying Plumber and Drainer (Design) Including instructions regarding the size and installation of the Rhizopod™ system. Our alliance partner Mousellis & Sons Pty Ltd provide all the expertise and quality assistance required and are our licenced installers for the Northern Territory.

Many soil types are unsuitable for the long term application of effluent. Some sites are so close to environmentally sensitive areas that the required set back distances make the development of the land unviable. Rhizopod™ system imports soil suitable for the long term application of effluent, and treats and reuses it within a contained environment, minimising the applicable set back distances.


Arris Water and its licenced distributors are the exclusive providers of the Rhizopod™ system. Download our brochure to find out more.


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