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Adrian Dahlenburg

July 26, 2018 /

Mr Dahlenburg worked for South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI) for 38 years as research leader of the Postharvest Research Group, Chief Scientist Horticulture and International Business Manager.  He developed an applied approach and expertise in packaging, transport and storage of fresh produce and undertook overview management of all horticulture activities, including R&D programs across a broad range of temperate crops destined for both domestic and export markets, and coordinating research groups in developing international linkages.

Mr Dahlenburg was a technical adviser to South Australian Air and Sea Freight Councils, and has a good understanding of cold chain logistics and the need to develop integrated, high performance handling and management systems from harvest to market to deliver consistent high quality produce to consumers.  He was a key R&D partner in the development of a supply chain handling protocol for export sea-freight shipment of cherries and onions to France using ventilated dry box shipping containers.

Mr Dahlenburg has undertaken consulting roles, project management and research study tours in more than 12 countries, including Singapore and SE Asia reporting on out-turn of exported Australian produce and liaising with local importers.

Key skills include:

  • Cool chain logistics
  • Product handling and cool chain climate controls
  • Packaging and quality preservation
  • Post harvest handling systems
  • Importation biosecurity management

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