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Ben Kele

April 11, 2014 /

Ben has 20 years experience in the water industry and has researched, built and operated a wide range of water treatment facilities. He has extensive experience in decentralised installations and addressing the concerns of salinity and sodicity in recycled water. He is recognised as a leader in the management, treatment, and beneficial use of wastewater streams that have ‘difficult’ chemistry, organic loads and/or environmental license conditions

  • Water treatment: potable water, wastewater, stormwater, and industrial effluents
  • Salinity and Sodicity in water treatment
  • Lecturing the Engineered Water Cycle at Central Queensland University
  • Managing research projects and patenting/commercialising outcomes
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain of water infrastructure
  • Coordinating staff and contractors to achieve the best results for projects
  • Technical writing, reports, manuals, information bulletins and communication tools


  • Australian Water Association
  • Environmental Engineers

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