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Dr Michael Short

July 19, 2019 /

Michael has some 15 years’ experience as an environmental science researcher, with specialist expertise in areas including urban water systems (water quality, plankton ecology, wastewater treatment and water recycling), environmental microbiology and microbial ecology, sustainability and life cycle assessment (sustainable decision-making and regulation, carbon footprinting).

Key skills include:

  • Project management, reporting and stakeholder engagement/communication
  • Liaising with industry and regulators
  • Designing and conducting research projects in environmental science and wastewater treatment
  • Operating pilot-scale wastewater treatment testing facilities
  • Energy efficiency in wastewater treatment and water recycling
  • Carbon footprint assessments
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Writing grant proposals for external funding (State and national funding agencies)
  • Supervising university research students (Honours and PhD) and junior research staff
  • Undertaking in-depth literature reviews on topics broadly related to environmental science and management
  • Technical writing, including project reports for industry and government, and scientific journal papers

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