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Jim Kelly

April 11, 2014 /

More than 30 years experience in primary production and agribusiness

  • Project management, communication and training in horticulture
  • Consulting to the Water Industry on reclaimed water management
  • Identification and negotiation of commercial opportunities in line with the companies’ strategic plans
  • Coordinating staff and contractors to achieve the best results for projects
  • Reporting to the management teams
  • Planning of tours (overseas and domestic), including management and marketing
  • Strategic planning and writing of editorials for communication of issues and ‘good news’ to the water, research and horticultural industries
  • Contracted to South Australian Farmers Federation, as Manager of Horticulture and Wine Grapes
  • Conducted more than 50 grower and extension officer training/information meetings


  • Australian Society of Soil Science Inc
  • Australian Water Association
  • Irrigation Australia
  • Water Industry Alliance

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