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Wayne Tingey

August 2, 2017 /

Mr Tingey has a background in water resource management across Western Australia with over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager with the Western Australian public service as the Regional Manager South West and Operations Manager North with the Department of Water.  Mr Tingey has spent his career working with regional communities and businesses to negotiate strategic development pathways with Government and stakeholders.

Mr Tingey has been responsible for the development of regional water planning strategies and public water policy in the South West with a major focus on salinity mitigation of Wellington Reservoir, salinity recovery of the Collie and Warren River catchments, water management for the coal mining companies and the State energy provider in Collie, agricultural water supplies for the Manjimup-Pemberton area including variable take and allocation planning as well as water regulation policy and strategies for the lower South West in the Busselton-Margaret River area in response to a growth in irrigated agriculture.

Mr Tingey has a strong relationship the local irrigation industry and has worked closely with Harvey Water and Pemberton farmers on many irrigation projects over the last 20 years.

For the last four years Mr Tingey has been responsible for delivering the Minister for Water’s priority Water for Food program to investigate and plan for mosaic irrigated agriculture in the Kimberley and Pilbara. He was instrumental in developing the Water for Food business case including project design for the major Collie and Southern Forests agricultural projects.

Mr Tingey has extensive Government, stakeholder and business networks throughout the South West and the Kimberley which is useful for consulting on issues and risks and for negotiating local support for projects and developments.

Key skills include:

  • Strategic planning for regional development projects – mining, agriculture, tourism, community
  • Project management and leading project teams
  • Developing strategic pathways for delivery of Ministerial and Government priorities
  • Community engagement including outrage management
  • Facilitation and Focus Groups
  • Strategic water supply and resource planning – innovation and problem solving within new or fully allocated systems
  • Water licensing and compliance
  • Environmental assessments, licensing and compliance
  • Contract management
  • Catchment and waterways management
  • Technical writing, reports, manuals, information bulletins and communication tools
  • Risk management frameworks and mitigation strategies

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