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UPDATE: Arris Hahndorf AS 1546.3:2017 compliance testing facility

“Any manufacturer considering having their units tested, I would highly recommend using the Hahndorf testing facility.”

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Rhizopod™ NT Government Department of Health approval

March 7, 2019 / New projects/Water Treatment & Technologies - Arris Pty Ltd

  Arris Water are pleased to announce that we have achieved product approval from the Northern Territory Government Department of Health for our Rhizopod™  ‘no-release’ evapotranspiration system. The Rhizopod™ system is used to disperse onsite and decentralised treated wastewater into the atmosphere. It can be configured to have a limited discharge to a subsurface land […]

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Product approval for Rhizopod®/RET onsite wastewater treatment and reuse system

November 7, 2014 / New projects/Water Treatment & Technologies - Ben Kele

Arris is thrilled to announce that our Rhizopod®/RET onsite wastewater treatment and reuse system has now been granted product approval by the Department of Health in South Australia. This greatly simplifies the design approvals process for the installation of this technology in SA. The Rhizopod® has been successfully used in Queensland for 15 years. The […]

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