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Rhizopod™ NT Government Department of Health approval

March 7, 2019 / New projects/Water Treatment & Technologies - Arris Pty Ltd

  Arris Water are pleased to announce that we have achieved product approval from the Northern Territory Government Department of Health for our Rhizopod™  ‘no-release’ evapotranspiration system. The Rhizopod™ system is used to disperse onsite and decentralised treated wastewater into the atmosphere. It can be configured to have a limited discharge to a subsurface land […]

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‘Off-grid’ drinking water treatment technology trial

April 24, 2015 / New projects/Water Treatment & Technologies - Bruno Carrocci

We recently ran trials of ‘off-grid’ drinking water treatment technology. Ozone has long been used in large scale municipal treatment plants and by major beverage and bottled water companies overseas. Because of its beneficial properties, new water treatment systems for the home or small to medium size business are incorporating ozone and we were asked […]

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Arris delivers a green, high efficiency phosphorus removal solution for wastewater

April 20, 2015 / Agricultural & Environmental - Bruno Carrocci

Arris was successful in obtaining funding through the South Australian Government ‘Small Business Innovation Research’ grant program. There were two goals of the project: firstly, to capture phosphorus (P) from effluent water at a SA Water Wastewater Treatment Plant to lower nutrient loading and eutrophication of waters that feed into the Gulf St Vincent; and […]

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