The Extension Program for the Australian Potato Industry 2016-2019 is an interactive and flexible program designed to deliver a wide range of extension activities to the Australian Potato industry that is highly matched to industry defined requirements and demand for improved practices. The Program will be delivered via two parallel Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) funded projects with program management and operational support provided by Arris Pty Ltd from the Waite Campus, Adelaide and extension activity delivery led by HIA from Sydney.


Industry stakeholder engagement and involvement in this project are regarded by Arris as one the key issues in the development and delivery of extension activities that are recognised by industry as relevant and valuable.  This project web page will be one of the tools used by Arris to engage with the industry and other relevant stakeholders during the project and will continue to be developed throughout the project.

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This project was developed in collaboration with and is supported by industry stakeholders and organisation across Australia.