Ozone Treatment Technology

Ozone is a natural product of our environment, created by electrically charging oxygen molecules. It is one of the strongest steriliants known.

New technological advances have transformed ozone water treatment into an increasingly common best practice solution.
Ozone has a high oxidation potential, making it more effective than chlorine and UV light. It can eliminate or destroy: bacteria, giardia, crypto, e coli, cysts, viruses, mold, algae, fungi, colour, odour, protozoa.

Ozone is used by most of the world’s largest water using companies. Nearly every bottle of water sold in North America will list ozone or ‘ozonated’ as part of the treatment process.  Labelling requirements in Australia do not require this, which does not mean it hasn’t been treated with ozone. For example, Melbourne Water will be using ozone now.

In oil and gas applications, ozone plays a significant role in being able to break down long chain hydrocarbon molecules and is a key technology in reuse, recycling and remediation. WestSide has direct access to this wealth of knowledge via Arris Water Treatment & Technologies.

You can provide Arris water quality data or a sample so we can ascertain treatment effectiveness using our in-house testing capability.

Ozone treatment provides the benefits of eliminating storage or delivery of consumables to site, improved functionality, reduced trade waste disposal costs, increased abilities in recycling, simplified maintenance, increased longevity of capital investment.
Key features of new ozone systems include the ease of installation and ongoing operation, precise delivery output, reduced footprint, low power consumption. Arris offer systems that are easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure, which provide enhanced performance and a safe operating environment.

We are the sole suppliers of the Primozone® technology in Australia. Primozone® has redefined ozone technology with cutting edge ozone generators. For Primozone Case Stories please click here. The GM-series ozone generators are built on patented ozone technology that enables ozone production with both very high concentration and outlet pressure. These unique features mean energy savings of up to 50% and a very low life-cycle cost. Click here to find out more about the Primozone GM-series (510kb pdf). For Primozone reference list please click on municipal or industrial.

To find out more about micro pollutants in the water cycle and their long term effects on the ecosystem, click here (375kb pdf).

We can offer off-the-grid potable water treatment technologies from Aclarus. These units are robust, reliable, have a proven track record in North America and Europe, and have been NSF61 approved. These ozone based treatment technologies are very effective at disinfecting bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The ozone process also lowers the iron and sulfur concentrations as well as reducing colours and odours.

Arris can design and supply ozone systems for any size application.

We work directly with manufacturers of the worlds’ leading ozone technologies which can provide our customers the latest global technological advantages.

SMALL – up to 10,000 L/day.

Potable water for your home – treating rainwater tank, bore, dam, lake or river water.

Campgrounds, restaurants, laundries, warehouses, small factories.

MEDIUM – up to 100,000 L/day.

Hotel/motel, hospitals, swimming pools, dairy, industrial / food processing plants, wineries, schools, aquariums, recreation, mining camps, pump stations.

LARGE – upwards of 100,000 L/day.

Water from mining, oil and gas operations, potable WWTP, wastewater treatment plants, , wastewater treatment plants, office buildings, bottled water/beverage/breweries, municipal infrastructure, golf courses, nurseries, ballast water, parks, apartment buildings, farms.

For a reference list of ozone solutions, click here (180kb pdf).

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