About Arris

arris /’√¶res’/, n. the sharp edge formed by two surfaces meeting each other.

Arris was established in 2000 by a common passion – to improve business through innovative communication.

The initial aim was to take agricultural research from the R&D level through to adoption in industry, turning research and development into impacts on the ground. Over time, this grew into two areas: interpreting science to provide technical advice, and developing a range of innovative communication tools that can be used in any industry to enhance awareness and adoption.

Arris delivers results for a range of clients from small business and research organisations to government departments, peak industry bodies and large corporations. Integrating our communication skills with our extensive knowledge bases, we also provide specialist technical expertise and advice to help improve businesses.

The directors also wanted to create a company that people loved to work for and with; turning what they loved doing into what they do daily.

We have assembled a team with a diverse mix of skills and experience, but more importantly we have a team that enjoys working together – a combination that allows us to achieve excellent outcomes.