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Re-vegetation of a Semi-arid Environment in Central Eyre Peninsula with an Emphasis on Establishment Success

Sticky Beak Day

At the property of Tim and Janine Scholz: Wudinna SA
Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 9.00am



Tim examines native pine seedlings grown from tube stock

This project was initiated by the land holder (TR & JR Scholz) who sought to see practical outcomes with respect to revegetation of land whilst delivering significant environmental benefits under the threat of climate change.

It is well understood that the establishment of native vegetation in semi-arid environments is problematic due to seasonal climate variability and opportunity time for successful establishment. This project has demonstrated preparation methods (enabling technologies) that have increased establishment success and growth rates of new native vegetation.

The techniques used have demonstrated outstanding germination, survival and growth rates for new revegetation projects in semi arid environments. Final assessments of the comparative techniques will be undertaken prior to the sticky beak day and reported to visitors. Visitors will be able to see firsthand the benefits of the use of soil profiling to improve revegetation outcomes.

Core outcomes

  • Re-vegetation of 60 hectares with native species indigenous to semi-arid environments of the Eyre Peninsula
  • New planting techniques that have improved outcomes and challenges current thinking in vegetation establishment in semi arid environments
  • Demonstration of new and improved preparation techniques enabling high establishment success with high rates of carbon sequestration in semi arid environments
  • Increased local connectivity of indigenous vegetation outside of State reserves
  • Demonstration of the value of habitat and vegetation regeneration in semi-arid environments of the Eyre Peninsula
  • Demonstration of carbon sequestration in semi-arid environments
  • Use of multi spectral analysis to assess production rates of new plantings of native species


Sticky Beak Day

Janine and Tim Scholz offer their property to demonstrate the success of the 4 year program to revegetate 60ha back to local native species. The project has been undertaken on land that had little commercial value for broad acre cereal farming due to the shallowness of the soil and underlying sheet limestone.

They have demonstrated that land that was arguably over cleared, often to control vermin, can be restored as an environmental asset supporting and protecting local flora and fauna.

Project location

13.3km west of Pygery on the Port Kenny Wudinna Road

Signs will be in place on the day


Janine Scholz 0488-004-357
Jim Kelly 0427-821-625

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