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Arris has a new office in Western Australia

Left to right: Ken Blakers (Regal Grange), Jim Kelly (Arris) and Peter Fogarty (Pendulum Capital)

Arris has entered into an exciting partnership with Pendulum Capital and Regal Grange, establishing Aqua Ferre Pty Ltd, which will develop large scale water projects in Western Australia. To assist with growing this new partnership, Arris has a new office at 65 Buckingham Drive, Wangarra WA 6065.

The collaboration between these three companies has been set up as a strategic partnership:


  • Pendulum Capital: a specialist group providing capital raisings, debt financing, international business and project management capacity to the new entity;
  • Regal Grange: an innovative group, well known in the Australian and international agricultural sector providing vegetable seed, agricultural and plant health innovation and water solutions; and
  • Arris: a diverse company with key strengths in the fields of water treatment and management, environmental services and known nationally and internationally for the provision of water recycling.

Aqua Ferre is developing two main projects, including:

  • Potable and industrial water supply to a 243 lot residential development in the lower Chittering Shire and the Muchea Employment Node; and
  • A large scale integrated water project providing water for potable and industrial uses, horticulture, dairy, and beef production.

Arris has had a long history working in Western Australia including involvement in the Water Corporation’s Broome Recycled Water Project and providing technical services to the Gnangara Mound MAR Project. In addition, Arris was on the AJ Lucas project team for the bid for a major recycled water initiative for Wood Man Point.

Other non water projects include: national soil management projects in the broad acre grains and horticultural industries.

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