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Validation of remediation of a contaminated site with limited and inconclusive records

April 14, 2015 / Agricultural & Environmental

Arris Agriculture & Environmental was recently commissioned by a local landowner to undertake a soil assessment of a historically contaminated site north of Adelaide to validate remediation. The land in question was a decommissioned former petrol station that the local Council believed to have been remediated almost 15 years ago.sampling1

However, official reports documenting the soil remediation performed in 1999 were inconclusive. The Council was therefore unable to consider any Development Applications from the landowner without confirmation of remediation and assessment of any residual contamination.

In order to validate that remediation had indeed been successfully completed, Arris’ Brooke Ryan and Jim Kelly performed a soil assessment as per the Australian Standard 4482.1-2005.  They were able to identify where the clean fill had been brought in to replace contaminated soil and test both fill and native soils from across the site (up to 5 metres deep), finding no trace of hydrocarbon or lead contamination.

The Council was satisfied that Arris successfully validated the site as remediated and is now considering Development Applications for the property.

Click here for further information about Arris capabilities in environmental toxicology and chemical modelling of inorganic and organic hazards in terrestrial systems.

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