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Arris teams up with Mousellis & Sons in the Northern Territory

February 16, 2015 / Water Treatment & Technologies

Ben Kele with John MousellisWe are excited to announce that Arris has signed a teaming agreement with Mousellis & Sons Pty Ltd to deliver water treatment solutions, wastewater management and environmental services in the Northern Territory. Consequently, Arris now has an office in the Northern Territory.

With over 38 years experience in the Northern Territory of Australia, Mousellis and Sons Pty Ltd provide the expertise required to complete projects in the construction, civil and plumbing industries. Combined with Arris’ extensive experience in handling significant water treatment issues, the new alliance provides the Northern Territory with a complete service from design through construction to operation and maintenance. Through this arrangement we can provide world’s best practice water solutions combined with expert local knowledge.

From small domestic to large commercial civil works, Mousellis and Sons Pty Ltd are respected and renown in the industry for exceptional service delivery. They are committed to satisfying project requirements. Offering a broad range of services from construction, specialist plumbing and excavation and earthworks, Mousellis combines equipment and expertise to undertake projects large and small.

The alliance with Mousellis provides Arris with the ability to service the Northern Territory with a wide range of water solutions, from our own unique treatment systems such as the Rhizopod® wastewater treatment and reuse technique, to the world’s most advanced ozone treatment and oxygen generation technologies for potable and wastewater applications. We plan to offer services to the domestic, commercial, industrial, mining and gas sectors.

Water Treatment & Technologies

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