Oxygation Irrigation

Through the use of venturi valves, oxygen generators, and ozone units we can substantially increase the oxygen level in irrigation water. These technologies can be used singly or in combination. They are most effective when sub-surface irrigation techniques are used.

The oxygation techniques can be used in normal water or recycled water irrigation projects. The increased oxygen in the irrigation water is beneficial to soil and plant health. It keeps the rhizosphere, which is the soil immediately surrounding the plant roots, aerated. This has several benefits for the plants, such as increased sugar content in fruit, improved yields, enhanced water efficiency, greater resistance to salinity and increased resistance to diseases.

The benefits of oxygation have been independently researched by the Central Queensland University and published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The oxygation techniques are very cost effective and efficient to operate. The benefits from oxygation provide significant value adds to the capital investment in sub-surface irrigation. The oxygation technologies can be retro-fitted into existing irrigation projects.

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