Create the best, whole of life solution for your water treatment needs.


Arris Water can customise a holistic solution to your water treatment needs. Our award-winning technology and ‘fit-for-purpose’ designs can provide the platform for your long term, sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure, while also managing your recycled water.

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What our clients have to say ...

Teys Brothers – A Cargill Joint Venture – Leather Processing Plant (QLD)

Arris Water was approached by Teys Brothers to help solve their requirement for a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable way to provide additional treatment to their high SAR (sodium absorption ratio) wastewater resulting from the brine cure processing at their Murgon, QLD leather processing plant. Arris Water was able to successfully test its trade secret natural media

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Products & Systems

Arris offers fit-for-purpose water treatment solutions for all aspects of the engineered water cycle. We work with the domestic, commercial, agricultural, trade-waste, government, industrial, mining and gas sectors. Our water projects have ranged from a single household to projects that use 10 million litres per day.

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Our Team

Sunrise at 1770 (QLD)

The first major project undertaken by Arris Water was the design, construction and commissioning of the water and waste water treatment plant for the Sunrise at 1770 Sustainable Village on the Queensland Capricorn Coast. The brief for this $2 million project was to create an integrated, off-the-grid, water and waste water treatment plant that would

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Clients with a non-typical wastewater or water problem have benefited by examining the issues via a thorough and detailed research program. Arris Water understands that the majority of treatment technologies are developed for domestic applications and that treating non-typical water can be challenging.

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