Create the best, whole of life solution for your water treatment needs.


Arris Water can customise a holistic solution to your water treatment needs. Our award-winning technology and ‘fit-for-purpose’ designs can provide the platform for your long term, sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure, while also managing your recycled water.

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What our clients have to say ...

Ozone technology installations

Ozone for Woodfordia In 2018 Arris installed a Primozone Ozone Unit into the Woodford Folk Festival Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This STP uses a batching treatment process to treat the wastewater from Festival events. In between festivals at the site, wastewater production is normally less than 2000 litres per day. But during festival events it

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Products & Systems

Arris offers fit-for-purpose water treatment solutions for all aspects of the engineered water cycle. We work with the domestic, commercial, agricultural, trade-waste, government, industrial, mining and gas sectors. Our water projects have ranged from a single household to projects that use 10 million litres per day.

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Our Team

12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort

12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is an Ecotourism Development with a focus on sustainable water management. The water will be sourced from the Paaratte formation, a geothermal confined aquifer that is 930 metres below the ground. Arris has the design, build, operate and maintenance role in this project for the Potable Water Treatment Plant,

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Clients with a non-typical wastewater or water problem have benefited by examining the issues via a thorough and detailed research program. Arris Water understands that the majority of treatment technologies are developed for domestic applications and that treating non-typical water can be challenging.

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