ClearWater Tech

ClearWater Tech have been manufacturing ozone systems since 1986. They are located in San Luis Obispo, California. ClearWater Tech supply a wide range of ozone and related components for water and air applications. These products are typically purchased by clients in the water treatment industry, aquaculture, wineries, breweries & distilleries, swimming pools & spas, commercial laundries and hydroponics. The units are robust and reliable and have a proven track record.

The most popular range of ClearWater Tech products Arris has supplied in Australia is the Apex series of ozone generators. The Apex series is designed to make ordering of the properly sized and designed package as simple as possible. They are supplied as a complete ozone treatment package. To properly size an Apex system, we need to know the volume & type of water being treated, the application for the treated water and the flow-rate.

Apex SpecificationsWe have supplied Apex series for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater in caravan parks, ecovillages and on-site treatment applications. Clients have requested the Apex ozone systems because they don’t require chemicals (such as chlorine) to be brought to site. Ozone units disinfect a wider range of microorganisms, including viruses. Ozone provides multiple levels of treatment – that is they not only disinfect but reduce BOD5/COD, colours and odours. In Australia, sites relying on groundwater for drinking water often have issues with tannin discolouration from native trees. These tannins can be very difficult to remove but ozone is effective at oxidising the particles and removing the discolouration from the water.

Arris has a long-term working relationship with ClearWater Tech. Our staff are trained in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of their ozone systems. We keep common maintenance spares in stock in Australia. We provide long term support for all of our installations.


Apex VII 15 gram an hour case study

Arris replaced a non-functional ozone unit in an existing caravan park wastewater treatment plant with a ClearWater Tech Apex VII system. This unit produces 15 grams of ozone per hour. We were able to retrofit the Apex VII into the existing ozone cabinet, plumbing configuration and ozone contact tanks. We were able to supply a new Apex VII into a remote location for a cheaper price than repairing the existing non-functional ozone unit. The unit has been operating very successfully since it was installed. During the off-peak periods the ozone production can be turned down (for example to 50% capacity) which reduces its electricity costs. Given the variable flows experienced at many remote and regional caravan and camping grounds in Australia this is a very useful feature. The Apex VII has been very effective at disinfecting the water, reducing the BOD5 and eliminating the odour from the treated water. The Apex VII unit was instrumental in Arris taking an old sewage treatment plant (STP) which had compliance issues into a refurbished facility that met its regulatory requirements. We were able to accomplish this without having to replace the entire STP.

Apex VIII 30 gram an hour case study

Arris installed a ClearWater Tech Apex VIII unit which produces 30 grams of ozone an hour at a decentralised Ecovillage. The ozone unit had multiple water treatment uses. The site uses recycled water that requires Class A disinfection. The ozone unit provides disinfection for bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The groundwater source at the site is discoloured by tannins and these persist in the wastewater. The Apex VIII was installed to provide disinfection and colour removal. It is also very effective at reducing the odour of the treated water. The water is treated by the ozone in a contact tank. A Mazzei basic SCADA system controls the batches of water entering and leaving the ozone contact tank. On the discharge side of the ozone contact tank are 5 micron cartridge filters which are used to remove the oxidised tannin particles from the treated water. The system is automated. It is checked by the operator once per week. Filters are typically replaced fortnightly and the Ozone unit requires a yearly service. The Apex VIII unit has operated very successfully since being installed.

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