Recycled Water and Irrigation Systems

We have extensive experience with recycled water irrigation schemes. We are involved in projects from a couple of thousand litres per day to millions of litres per day. Our soil, water and agricultural team are experts in designing recycled water irrigation systems for a wide variety of soils types, water quality and plant species. We use modelling programs such as MEDLI and HYDRUS in conjunction with soil tests and climate data to design sustainable recycled water irrigation schemes. We also construct, operate and maintain irrigation systems.

We have extensive experience with collecting and compiling the regulatory compliance data for recycled water systems. This includes groundwater monitoring stations and plant tissue testing. We have experience with all classes of recycled water and many different soil types. We are skilled with diverse types of above ground and sub-surface irrigation. We have worked with plants such as lawn grass, horticultural crops, endemic native plants and tree plantations. We have successful projects Australia-wide.

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