Arris Water is a company that focuses on the decentralised water market.  This involves providing off the grid water solutions to developments that are not connected to centralised systems.  We can also supply smaller on-site systems.  Please note our strategic partner, Hydroscape, services the single dwelling domestic market.

Decentralised systems are an increasing part of the Australian landscape as they are considered to be environmentally sustainable due to their predisposition to low-cost water recycling.  Being larger than a single house but smaller than a town can lead to treatment difficulties due to the diverse quality of the inflow wastewater, its volume, and patterns of its generation.  The increasing cost of headwork charges and the connections to centralised sewer systems make decentralised treatment options financially attractive.

Specialised technologies are essential to the treatment chain of decentralised wastewater treatment solutions.  The Arris Water Zetos filter for Sewage Treatment Plants is such a specialised technology that can significantly assist in the remediation of contaminants of concern in the treatment chain while significantly reducing the expected capital, operating and capital cost of the treatment solution.  Arris Water uses a combination of robust and reliable technologies from a wide range of suppliers to construct its treatment chains.  Arris Water’s practical experience in the long-term operation and maintenance of treatment chains in regional and remote locations has shown that there is no substitution for quality and reliability.

One of our major projects is the Woodford Folk Festival which has an average daily attendance of approximately 25,000 people; resulting in 130,000 people over the course of a typical festival.  Arris Water designed, constructed and operates the wastewater treatment plant and water recycling scheme that successfully handles the highly variable water flows such a festival generates. We also upgraded the potable water system, the sewer system and the stormwater infrastructure at the site.

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