Ozone technology installations

Ozone for Woodfordia

In 2018 Arris installed a Primozone Ozone Unit into the Woodford Folk Festival Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This STP uses a batching treatment process to treat the wastewater from Festival events. In between festivals at the site, wastewater production is normally less than 2000 litres per day. But during festival events it can be as high as 2 million litres per day. These large variations in flow therefore require a bespoke treatment chain, as standard techniques using beneficial microorganisms cannot be used.

Primozone ozone unit installed to improve the oxidation process

Primozone equipment as part of the ozone treatment system

Oxidation at the site is used to reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), improve dissolved oxygen concentration, disinfection of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, diminish odours & colours, and decrease the concentration of oxidisable metals, pharmaceuticals & personal care products. Previously all oxidation at the site was performed by Hydrogen Peroxide.

The Primozone unit transforms atmospheric oxygen into ozone, meaning that no hazardous chemicals need to be brought to site. The associated venturi and mixing tower ensures that micro-bubbles of ozone are mixed into the water, resulting in optimised treatment performance. We can adjust the ozone production of the Pimozone unit and the mixing rate to reflect the inflow concentration of the festival wastewater to guarantee energy and treatment efficiency.

The Primozone Ozone unit was used during the 20018/2019 Woodford Folk Festival. It was highly effective at reducing the odours and colours coming through the STP. It’s more efficient oxidation process reduced the concentration of total suspended solids entering the ion exchange, sand & granulated activated carbon filters improving their efficiency, especially through reduced backwashing.

Improved pathogen reduction rate

The multiple barrier approach to disinfection in the treatment chain has always meant very effective pathogen reduction at the site however, the Primozone Ozone unit was able to improve the pathogen reduction rate earlier in the treatment chain, reducing the risk. The dissolved oxygen concentration of the treated water was significantly higher after the introduction of the Primozone Ozone unit.

The installation of the Primozone technology at the Woodfordia site has been highly successful and cost effective.


Arris can design and supply ozone systems for any size application.

We work directly with manufacturers of the world’s leading ozone technologies which can provide our customers the latest global technological advantages.

SMALL – up to 10,000 L/day.

Potable water for your home – treating rainwater tank, bore, dam, lake or river water.

Campgrounds, restaurants, laundries, warehouses, small factories.

MEDIUM – up to 100,000 L/day.

Hotel/motel, hospitals, swimming pools, dairy, industrial / food processing plants, wineries, schools, aquariums, recreation, mining camps, pump stations.

LARGE – upwards of 100,000 L/day.

Water from mining, oil and gas operations, potable WWTP, wastewater treatment plants, , wastewater treatment plants, office buildings, bottled water/beverage/breweries, municipal infrastructure, golf courses, nurseries, ballast water, parks, apartment buildings, farms.


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