Ballast Water Treatment

Ballast water treatment is an increasing environmental and biosecurity concern in Australia. Mandatory treatment is required and the performance of the treatment system is undergoing greater scrutiny; especially in high risk areas such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Arris can custom design, build and install robust and effective treatment options for ships requiring ballast water treatment technology. Arris is importing from Europe specialised ballast water treatment technologies that are robust, reliable, and provide excellent treated water quality. These new ozone technologies have vastly improved capabilities in the effective treatment of ballast water. The ozone units were specifically designed to meet the stringent European guidelines on ballast water. They have been successfully used on European ships over the last decade.

Arris can design, construct and provide on-going support for these new and approved systems which are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of operation, robust reputation, low maintenance and the elimination of chemicals required to be stored on board.

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