Operation & Maintenance

Arris Water has trained and experienced staff that can operate potable, stormwater and wastewater treatment facilities. Arris Water can contract these staff out to developers, body corporates, business and industry, and special event managers to operate and maintain decentralised water treatment schemes.

Arris Water can operate and maintain its own designs, or decentralised technologies designed and constructed by other companies. Arris Water can assist clients with the operation and maintenance of systems where the original proprietor is no longer available.

Arris Water is familiar with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and can monitor and control systems remotely.
Arris Water can perform the necessary regulatory monitoring of potable, stormwater and wastewater treatment facilities. This includes writing and submitting the reports required by the regulator.

Arris Water can also perform the general maintenance required in any water facility, such as pump replacement, wetland maintenance, filter media replacement and biosolid dewatering and handling.

The knowledge gained through our operational arm is continually fed-back into our design and construction operations, which helps us to continually improve our reliability and cost effectiveness.