Clearflow Group case studies

Arris has formed an alliance partnership with Clearflow Group Inc. in response to the drive towards more sustainable environmental stewardship and more strict regulatory controls, particularly in the mining industry in Australia.

Arris are pleased to have a collaborative partnership alliance with Clearflow Group.

Clearflow products have been specifically developed for use in,

  • Mining
  • Stormwater treatment Phosphorous removal Metals reduction
  • Soil stabilisation & erosion control
  • Dust suppression
  • Pond dewatering Water polishing

Clearflow’s patented Gel flocculant blocks, soils stabilisers, erosion control and dust suppression products are designed to be site-specific and environmentally friendly.

Case Studies

Clearflow Group lauded in mining Cleantech Challenge

Clearflow Group was one of 39 companies invited to participate in the international CCIA MCC, and one of just 12 companies selected to present and advance to the final. READ MORE


Clearflow Group products leverage existing infrastructure to protect lake from stormwater pollutants

A $500,000 federal grant was provided by the Canadian government for the pilot scheme, created to reduce the impact of construction activity on marine life within the lake and its surrounding environment. READ MORE


Obed Mountain coal mine

Obed mountain spill was a mining disaster that occurred on October 31, 2013, when a waste pit at the Obed Mountain Mine failed.



Stormwater management Facility SMWF (Storm Pond), City of Waterloo

The municipal client was searching for an innovative method to safely dewater and transport sediment sludge from a stormwater management facility SMWF (storm pond approx. 800,000 gal or 3,000 m3). READ MORE



Stormwater nutrient pollution major contributing factor in algae blooms in lakes and bays

Have you ever wondered just how much industrial and commercial activities affect our natural environment? Stormwater plays a key role in the connection between the two, washing the harmful substances created by industrial sites across our watersheds and into water bodies on a daily basis. READ MORE


The future of mining – SAFER, SMARTER, and always PRODUCTIVE!

Mines produce highly concentrated effluents from the interaction of water with various types of minerals. These effluents originate from mining processes as well as from rainfall. READ MORE


Clearflow’s Gel Flocculant Blocks protect environmentally sensitive area during construction.

Strathcona County, municipality of Sherwood Park, is an environmentally sensitive area for the duck breeding ground and conservation area for many bird species, and the municipality was concerned about the potential impact of sediment during construction of new housing in the area. To mitigate this impact, Clearflow was called in to install Gel flocculant blocks at the inflow point to the pond and wetland area. READ MORE



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