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Ben Kele

Engineered Water Cycle

Bachelor of Applied Science (Biology) Masters of Applied Science Current Study: PhD in Use of Zeolites for addressing Salinity and Sodicity in Water Treatment

Ben has 20 years experience in the water industry and has researched, built and operated a wide range of water treatment facilities. He has extensive experience in decentralised installations and addressing the concerns of salinity and sodicity in recycled water. He is recognised as a leader in the management, treatment, and beneficial use of wastewater streams that have ‘difficult’ chemistry, organic loads and/or environmental license conditions

  • Water treatment: potable water, wastewater, stormwater, and industrial effluents
  • Salinity and Sodicity in water treatment
  • Lecturing the Engineered Water Cycle at Central Queensland University
  • Managing research projects and patenting/commercialising outcomes
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain of water infrastructure
  • Coordinating staff and contractors to achieve the best results for projects
  • Technical writing, reports, manuals, information bulletins and communication tools


  • Australian Water Association
  • Environmental Engineers

Dr Paul Thomas

Construction/Installation Water Treatment Systems & Water Treatment Plant Operations

Certificate IV In Assessment and Workplace Training Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Biology) Bachelor of Applied Science (Biology) Bachelor of Science Honours (Biology) Masters of Applied Science (Biology)

Paul has recently completed his research Masters titled ‘Use of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry in the Assessment of Floristic Change in Central Queensland.’ He has extensive laboratory experience including working for: Queensland Medical Laboratory performing routine endocrine testing of blood samples in their Radioisotopes Laboratory; Australian Laboratory Services testing soil samples in their Soil Acid Sulphate Laboratory; and Central Queensland University running Elemental Analysis (CHNS) and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry of biological and soil samples for staff members, students and outside clients such as DPI, CSIRO, VicAg and Stanwell Power Station.

Key skills include:

  • Sample collection, preparation and analysis
  • Research planning, technical writing and reporting
  • Experience in general construction and concreting techniques involved in building a sewerage treatment plant

Tony Kodel

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Field Technician & Construction

David Taylor

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Field Technician & Construction

Ted Gardner


B Agri. Sci. (University of Queensland 1969) M Agri. Sci. (University of Queensland 1978) Adjunct Professor (School of Urban Development, Faculty of Built Environment & Engineering Queensland University of Technology 2006) Adjunct Professor/Senior Research Fellow: part-time (Institute for Resource Industries Sustainability; Central Queensland University 2010-current)

Specialist Fields

  • Systems thinking as applied to the Urban Water Cycle
  • Metabolism of ecologically sensitive subdivisions (water, energy and nutrient balances)
  • Microbiology and quantitative microbial risk assessment of alternative urban water supplies
  • Energy and greenhouse gas footprint of alternative water and wastewater systems
  • Nutrient recovery and reuse from source separated waste streams (urine separating toilets at The Ecovillage at Currumbin)
  • Effectiveness of water sensitive design and erosion control in reducing contaminant export from urban subdivisions
  • Hydrology, geochemistry, sociology and energy aspects of urban rainwater systems
  • Effect of urbanisation and stormwater harvesting on the ecosystem health of urban creeks
  • Life Cycle Assessment of alternative urban water systems
  • Treatment and reuse of waste water for non-potable and potable uses
  • Performance and sustainability of decentralised wastewater treatment systems


  • 59 Journal papers
  • 149 Refereed conference papers
  • 56 Conference papers
  • 59 Workshop presentations
  • 129 Technical presentations to various special interest groups
  • 3 Book Chapters
  • 2 Monograph Chapters
  • 1 Editor of a Monograph on Purified Recycled Water – the Technical Issues


  • Membership of Professional Association
  • Australian Water Association (AWA)
  • Australian Society of Soil Science (Served as treasurer, committee member and course convener, Queensland Branch)
  • International Water Association (IWA)


Natalie Wolfe

Environmental Scientist (Water)

Natalie has varied experience in the mining industry, as well as conducting environmental surveys in freshwater systems.

Key skills include:

  • Knowledge of freshwater systems and Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • Environmental and biological sample collection and analysis
  • Research planning, technical writing and reporting
  • Interpretation and understanding of legislation
  • OH&S Compliance
  • Risk analysis


  • Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Richard Williamson

Business Development

Accomplished sales management and business development professional with over 12 years working experience in the wastewater industry.

Richard actively works with our residential and commercial clients across Australia to understand their needs and ensure they obtain the best advice and treatment solution which best suits their needs regarding treated water quality, budget, installation footprint and operational requirements.

Passionate about providing customer service excellence and delivering practical and reliable solutions, Richard has an honest, open and easy-going communication style which makes him very easy to work and do business with.

Key skills include:

  • Knowledgeable about wastewater treatment and available technologies.
  • Superior communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Experienced B2B and B2C sales.
  • Solutions focused. Well developed problem solving skills.
  • End to end project management.
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.

Dr Sohan Shrestha

Researcher & Water Treatment Operator

Sohan has almost 2.5 years’ professional experiences working as a researcher in different environmental projects associated with private/governmental organisations.  He has over 6 years’ research and development experience (particularly university-based) pertaining to developing and demonstrating innovative technologies for water/wastewater/wastes treatment and management, resource recovery from wastewater/sludge treatment processes, bioenergy recovery, integrated urban water management, with proven ability to work in an outcome-oriented environment under minimal supervision/independently and lead a multidisciplinary team.  He has completed his PhD in environmental chemical engineering in 2020 from Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC), School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland (UQ).  His PhD research focuses on exploring the mechanistic understanding of integration of iron-based salts or iron-rich sludge for multiple benefits across the urban water system.

His key areas of research interest or expertise include the following sectors:

  • Sludge and biosolids management derived from water/wastewater treatment systems
  • Biological nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater
  • Resource (e.g. energy, phosphorus, bioplastics) recovery from wastewater treatment plant
  • Energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plant (i.e., achieving energy positive or energy neutrality in wastewater treatment plants)
  • Biofuel/biodiesel synthesis from waste cooking oils and non-edible oils (castor and Jatropha plant seeds) using renewable resource-based catalyst
  • Energy policy and energy economics
  • Water treatment and quality assessment
  • Greenhouse gas (GHGs) emission from wastewater systems
  • Corrosion and odour control and management in sewer systems
  • Membrane technology and plasma irradiation process application for organic and inorganic pollutants remediation from water/wastewater
  • Integrated urban water management; water reuse and recycling
  • Efficient reusing waterworks-derived chemical sludge and mine wastes/tailings (generated from mining industry); mine waste management; mine closure
  • Monitoring and assessment for environmental pollution
  • Bioremediation engineering of contaminated soil
  • Assessment and management of environmental and biodiversity issues
  • Environmental policy, planning and management with emphasis on nature conservation/protection

Ryan Christopher

Civil & Environmental Engineer

Ryan previously worked as a project officer writing grant applications, providing cost estimates and project plans. He has also had working experience as a Design Engineer in India and liaised with Environmental Consultants to provide process design and hydraulic flow calculations for a 50 MLD wastewater treatment plant.

His key skills include:

·        Stormwater drainage scheme design

·        Catchment Modelling

·        Estimation of design flow

·        Process design for Wastewater Treatment Plant

·        Hydraulic Flow Calculation for Treatment Plants

·        Python – Programming Language

·        Project Proposal/Grant Application

·        Project Plan & Budget

·        Foundation Design

·        Drafting and Cost Estimates for Civil Works

Peter Crane

Construction & WTP Operator

Peter has 40 years experience in soil classification environmental testing, including managing a soil lab for 20 years with a staff of 20. He also has 30 years experience using drilling rigs in different applications.

Key skills include:

  • Contaminated sites management
  • Domestic waste water design and investigation classification
  • Building design – footings inspections and classification

Current Statements of Attainment and Licences include:

  • Certificate 2 in Management and Micro Time management
  • Multi-combination truck license
  • Licences for excavator loader skid, including bobcat to bulldozers & crane
  • Ticket for a Frana lifter
  • Confined Spaces
  • Forklift Truck
  • First Aid with CPR

Andrew Kele

Construction Manager & Fitter

Matthew Kelly

Construction & Operation

Matt has had seven years experience in maintenance and operation of heavy lifting equipment.  In the last two years, he has specialised in construction, maintenance and operation of water treatment equipment.

Key skills include:

  • Job safety analysis and OH&S compliance
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Construction and welding
  • Water treatment plant operation

Current Statements of Attainment and Licences include:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
  • Forklift Truck

Warrick Wolfe-Rackemann

Construction & Maintenance

Warrick is a trusted team member sought out for guidance, troubleshooting and training up new employees due to his extensive industry experience. With his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he builds and maintains collaborative working relationships with peers and clients.

Key skills include:

  • Operating Heavy Equipment
  • Mining & Quarry Operations
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fault Diagnosis & Analysis
  • Team Member & Supervision
  • Implementing Safety Systems

Current Statements of Attainment and Licences include:

  • Queensland Transport – MC Open License
  • Dangerous Good License
  • CN – Crane (Non-Slewing)
  • LF – Forklift Upgraded Licences