Mazzei Injector Company

Leader in fluid mixing and contacting technologies—providing solutions for ozone, aeration and chemical treatment.

For more than 40 years, Mazzei has developed products providing solutions to water and wastewater problems in the municipal, industrial and agriculture markets, solutions to disinfection and sanitation problems for all markets including pools/spas and aquatics, and a solution for wine pump-over aeration.

Today Mazzei maintains its focus on research and development and is utilizing in-house computational fluid dynamics software to improve its mixing and contacting technologies.


To find out more about the innovative Mazzei wine pump-over aeration injectors, view the Wine Pump-over case study here.


Arris has entered into a Representative Agreement with Mazzei Injector Company for the Australian region.

Arris has been successfully using Mazzei Injector Company products for 20 years. During the early research development stages of the Rhizopod® system we needed to aerate the wastewater. We used Mazzei Injectors because of the high rate of oxygen transfer, the energy efficiency, and the robustness & reliability of the product. Two decades later we’re still using Mazzei injectors in a wide range of our wastewater treatment systems. We have never had to replace a single Mazzei injector.


Wine Pump-over – Fresno State Testimonial

Early in 2020, Ben Kele & Tony Kodel from Arris travelled to the head office of Mazzei Injector Company in Bakersfield, California.

Looking over the full range of products, including innovative ideas like the wine pump over system, we were keen to develop the business relationship even further. We’re incredibly happy to represent the Mazzei Injector Company in Australia.

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Mazzei venturi injectors can be applied to sub-surface irrigation via the AirJection® technique. AirJection® adds value to subsurface drip irrigation schemes. By injecting air into the subsurface drip system it creates a more aerobic soil environment, promoting soil health & encouraging the growth of beneficial soil microbes. Adding air to the irrigation water improves yields and provides plants with additional tolerance to salinity. University studies have been conducted by the Central Queensland University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, California State University, and the University of the West Indies. The research has been taken outside of the laboratory and into the field with the results showing improved crop yields for low capital investments. The Mazzei injector can also be used for fertigation  and chemigation of the crops.

Mazzei’s patented high-efficiency, Venturi-type injectors with internal mixing vanes deliver enhanced suction capacity at low differential pressure with superior uniform mixing and outstanding longevity with little or no maintenance. A Mazzei injector can be part of a basic economical injection system or as the core part of a advanced proportional feed fertigation system.

Mazzei’s Injector Selector Tool (IST) helps the grower or irrigation dealer to quickly find the right injector for their application. This free online tool is available on our web site


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A presentation by Tom Steinke of Mazzei Injector Company at the fall conference of the Florida Section of American Water Works Association (AWWA) on November 30, 2021 offered a detailed look at the improved operational control, ozone dosing and residual results, maintenance and safety achieved when the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) replaced three of its fine bubble diffuser ozonation systems with sidestream injection systems. Steinke’s talk was based on “Evaluation of mixing, mass transfer, O&M, energy and material requirements for H2S Oxidation at the Orlando Utilities Commission WTPs,” which recently received Florida Section of AWWA’s Best Paper award. DOWNLOAD

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Mazzei Injector Company’s basin nozzle manifold gas injection system thoroughly agitates bulk water and mixes gas—whether it be ambient air, pure oxygen, or ozone—into water or wastewater.  Its compact design and no maximum depth limitation make it adaptable for any installation. Unlike blowers, Mazzei’s process is virtually silent and requires little to no maintenance.
Utilizing in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, Mazzei systems are designed to ensure the ideal placement and configuration of our nozzle manifolds.  Multiphase flow modeling allows Mazzei to analyze and optimize mixing and mass transfer performance.
Take a look at this animation to see how the Mazzei basin manifold system works or check out the Mazzei Channel on to learn more about all their technologies.

Disruptive technology makes ozone a better treatment option. Sidestream injection (SSI) systems are shaking up the water treatment industry, unseating industry-standard fine bubble diffusion (FBD) systems by delivering fast, high-efficiency ozone transfer with a small footprint. In fact, the high speed of ozone mixing and transfer is so fast in sidestream injection systems – just seconds rather than minutes – that bromate formation is minimized, allaying a long-time misconception about misconception about ozone injection. DOWNLOAD

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