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Arris offers fit-for-purpose water treatment solutions for all aspects of the engineered water cycle. We work with the domestic, commercial, agricultural, trade-waste, government, industrial, mining and gas sectors. Our water projects have ranged from a single household to projects that use 10 million litres per day.

We actively work with our clients to ensure they obtain the treatment system that suits their needs for treated water quality, capital budget, installation footprint, and operational requirements. We are also committed to using nature based solutions where relevant.

As part of our service, we can design the installation, obtain the necessary regulatory approvals, install the systems, and maintain them over time. We ensure that we provide systems that are robust and reliable with low operational costs.

Our research and development has generated our own unique treatment systems; such as the Rhizopod™ technique. Arris also has exclusive import agreements on some of the world’s most advanced ozone and oxygen generation technologies. Furthermore, our company has a comprehensive supplier chain that provides access to complete treatment solutions, such as the Fuji Clean wastewater treatment units and to component suppliers that allow us to design and construct bespoke treatment chains for specialised applications.

The Arris team has extensive experience in handling situations that have significant water treatment issues. We have successfully addressed sites with difficulties caused by sodicity, salinity, excess wastewater volume generation, tannins, odours, disinfection, set-back distances, environmental concerns, challenges with water dispersal, elevated levels of BOD/COD, nutrients and heavy metals. They enjoy handling difficult water treatment challenges.

Whatever the water treatment issue, Arris will work with you to find a workable and sustainable solution. Our company has developed an enviable reputation for the formulation of well-engineered, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients in terms of their potable, stormwater, wastewater and recycled water needs.

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