Consulting & Regulatory Approvals

Arris has developed an enviable reputation for the formulation of well-engineered, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients in terms of their potable, stormwater, wastewater and recycled water needs.

As part of our consultation services our team will prepare all of the detailed documentation required to gain regulatory approval for whatever project our client requires – whether it be household systems, sub-divisions, industrial or mining sites, or commercial activities such as caravan parks and special events venues.

Arris’ consulting division carry out their projects on a time and materials basis. Our consultants provide a wide range of services including:

  • Site Based Management Plans
  • Trouble-shooting existing treatment chains
  • ERA’s
  • Data collection and assessment
  • Technology and process selection
  • Specialised treatment chain development
  • Wastewater and potable plant design
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) for Stormwater
  • Water balance modelling
  • Nutrient modelling (such as Hydrus)
  • Stormwater Modelling
  • Effluent irrigation management plans
    (including MEDLI modelling)
  • Water testing and analysis
  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Regulatory approval management
  • Material change of land use documentation
  • Capital and operational expenditure reports
  • Project management of construction
  • Compliance reporting