12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort

12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is an Ecotourism Development with a focus on sustainable water management.

The water will be sourced from the Paaratte formation, a geothermal confined aquifer that is 930 metres below the ground.

Arris has the design, build, operate and maintenance role in this project for the Potable Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment and Treated Water Recycling Facilities, as well as the management and reuse of the backwash water from the Hot Springs and Spa’s.

Rhizopod® cross section

Arris, in conjunction with 12 Apostles Hot Springs Pty Ltd and Associates have successfully obtained Development Approvals and a Victorian EPA Works Application Approval for the relevant water treatment infrastructure and recycled water management plans.

The 12 Apostles, off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

A small volume of the geothermal water will be treated through an on-site bespoke potable water treatment plant. This will provide the development with Potable Water of exceptional quality.

Arris has designed a sustainable sewage treatment plant that uses the multiple barrier approach to minimise the risks and produce a high quality recycled water. To ensure that there are no off site impacts from the recycled water its volume will be reduced through the use of Rhizopods®.

The Rhizopod® system is a contained evapotranspiration channel that uses plants to provide additional treatment and reduce the volume of recycled water. Only endemic native plants will be grown in the Rhizopods®. Recycled water will also be used for irrigation in a on-site endemic native plant nursery and in specific revegetation areas at the development.

The backwash water from the Hot Springs & Spa’s will be kept separate and treated within its own specialised treatment chain. It will be irrigated in it’s own defined revegetation area.

Biofilta (http://biofilta.com.au/) has developed a comprehensive stormwater water management plan that uses rainwater to irrigate a kitchen garden that supplies the café and restaurant. Harvested stormwater will also be used in to irrigate the revegetation of the site.

Arris joins with 12 Apostles Hot Springs Pty Ltd  and its Associates in ensuring that our plans for this project will improve the visitor experience to the region while protecting the environment.



Apostles to attract eco-disciples. Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is set to be transformed with work on the first resort development set to start early next year, attracting many more visitors to the iconic Twelve Apostles.

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