AirSep Corporation

Ben Kele and Tony Kodel went to AirSep Corporation in Buffalo, New York State, in early February 2020. AirSep manufactures oxygen concentrators that are used to feed concentrated oxygen into Ozone Generators. Arris supplies and maintains a variety of Ozone generators to the Australian water and wastewater market. We use AirSep oxygen concentrators as part of our Ozone packages.

Richard MacKenzie from AirSep trained Tony & Ben in the maintenance requirements of a wide range of AirSep oxygen concentrators. The training course was very beneficial and the team from AirSep were fantastic hosts. They even took Ben and Tony to nearby Niagara Falls.

Everybody at Arris is hoping that all of the team and their families at AirSep are safe and well during the COVID-19 crisis. We thank them for their incredibly important work in supplying oxygen equipment to medical facilities.