Sunrise at 1770 (QLD)

The first major project undertaken by Arris Water was the design, construction and commissioning of the water and waste water treatment plant for the Sunrise at 1770 Sustainable Village on the Queensland Capricorn Coast. The brief for this $2 million project was to create an integrated, off-the-grid, water and waste water treatment plant that would reduce the capital and operating cost for this award-winning residential village. Engineered for 1,000 EP with a peak flow rate of 3L/sec the plant was delivered on time and on budget. As the centre piece of this 200+ dwelling residential village, this piece of vital infrastructure was critical to the Sunrise at 1770 development, winning many national and international awards including: the 2007 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Best Sustainable Development in Queensland; the 2008 UDIA Best Environment Development in Australia; and in 2009 it was the first runner-up of the international FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation) Award for Environment Excellence.

A Mazzei Venturi Aeration system has now been installed at the Sunrise at 1770 Eco-development. The Mazzei system was chosen due to its energy efficiency,  microbubble mass transfer, ability to work at depth, and low maintenance. The Sunrise at 1770 STP is a batching treatment process and the Mazzei Aeration system was installed in the inlet balance tank. The aeration system has significantly reduced the BOD, odour, and turbidity of the inlet water and increased the dissolved oxygen.

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