Mine Site & Camp Solutions

Arris works with Hydroscape to supply domestic Fuji Clean for on-site and decentralised wastewater treatment applications. These systems are suitable for single lots, small mining camps, clusters of houses, and amenities and office blocks. Arris has a working relationship with Fuji Clean and True Water Australia for the supply of commercial sized Fuji Clean units.

Fuji Clean systems are suitable for the treatment and reuse of wastewater from mining camps and re-locatable construction facilities. Arris and Hydroscape can design, obtain regulatory approval, install, operate and maintain the systems.

Designed and developed over 50 years, the Fuji Clean series of products are some of the most advanced, environmentally sustainable and robust in their class. With tens of thousands of small systems and over 2,000 mid-sized systems being installed in Japan every year, the Fuji Clean technology has an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

Fuji Clean Systems also have the capability for advanced phosphorus removal. The advanced phosphorus removal is a capability that very few systems in Australia can provide.

The Fuji systems are backed by a company that installs over 40,000 systems domestically and many thousands of small commercial systems annually, with a research team of over 30 full time scientists and engineers continuously improving their technology.

The key benefits of our mine site solutions are:

  • Excellent nutrient reduction (Nitrogen and Phosphorus)
  • Superior BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) removal which in turn minimises odour and colour
  • Proven and cost effective
  • Easy to mobilise and demobilise
  • High quality effluent – the treated effluent is suited for irrigation re-use
  • Easy to install – typically these systems can be delivered and installed within a week
  • Easy to maintain – ergonomic design ensures that the system requires very little maintenance
  • High quality – each system is built to exacting Japanese standards and come backed with a 15 year warranty
  • Experienced and high qualified installation teams

Link to www.fujiclean.com.au

In addition, Arris and Hydroscape are able to design and install the dispersal systems required to reuse the treated water in compliance with regulatory requirements. Other recycled water uses such as dust-suppression are also available.

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