Waste Stabilisation Ponds

We design, build, operate and maintain waste stabilisation ponds. We have the construction equipment and experience to construct unlined or lined ponds. We provide a variety of aeration technologies for the waste stabilisation ponds, ranging from floating aerators to bottom diffusers. We can supply blowers, compressors, and even oxygen generators.

The use of oxygen generators enables a much quicker reduction in oxidisable contaminants of concern, such as solids and odours. We specialise in innovation aeration techniques that are energy efficient, have an increased surface area, and can target specific depths in the waste stabilisation ponds. We can automate the aeration sequences and hook the equipment up to telemetry systems for remote operation and monitoring. The balance storage in waste stabilisation ponds can also provide wet weather storage and buffering capacity for sites with fluctuations in wastewater production volumes.

Waste stabilisation ponds incorporate aeration and passive treatment processes which in turn provide a very cost effective effluent management technique.

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